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Arts Council Celebrates “The Mural” by Artist Dan Fenelon with a Ceremony in Orange, NJ

The Valley Arts District in The Oranges of New Jersey was abuzz with excitement as “The Mural” apartment community complex opens with a special art installation. This apartment complex called “The Mural” is a brand-new, boutique-style, luxury apartment community and It celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 8th, 2024. The Mural is located just a half block from the Highland Avenue train station to NYC. The Mural apartments offer modern living with a touch of artistic flair and encourages comfortable living spaces for community gatherings by the residents and their guests.

The Muralist Artist, Dan Fenelon, was awarded this art project by Reynolds Asset Management Company, who commissioned Dan to create this site-specific art installation. One of the highlights of The Mural apartment complex is this stunning mural artwork adorning the first floor lobby created by Muralist Artist Dan Fenelon. Dan is a long-time member of the West Orange Art Council and was selected among many candidates for this art project. This vibrant mural artwork sets the tone for the community, blending contemporary design with the rich cultural heritage of Orange, NJ.

The mural art installation in orange, NJ


Dan Fenelon said, “I was grateful to have the opportunity to create this mural for the building of the same name, “The Mural” apartments. When I was commissioned to do the mural, I wanted to create something peaceful because I know this is a place of residence. It is a place where people live, enjoy life, rest, and dream. My aim was to create an art piece that imbued a pleasant feeling at the entryway that would lift people’s spirits for the hope of a positive future.”

Dan Fenelon started his formal training at the Arts Student League in NY and then, The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. Dan has had 16 one-man art shows in galleries from Chelsea, NYC to LA, California and Paris, France. Dan Fenelon has been a working artist for twenty-five years. His community outreach programs have helped children learn about art in Newark, Elizabeth, Orange and many other cities throughout NJ. 

“It was so nice to celebrate and attend this special ribbon cutting ceremony of this new modern apartment complex called “The Mural” located in the Valley Arts District & neighborhood of The Oranges in Essex County, NJ. I was especially delighted to see the lobby adorned with the colorful, vibrant painted brushstrokes of a fellow colleague and friend, Dan Fenelon,” said Patricia Mitrano, Chair of the West Orange Arts Council.

Patricia said, “When the development & construction company came to me to ask for a recommendation for local Mural Artists in the area, I was delighted to advise them because the Reynolds Asset Management company is an ongoing supporter of Artists and the cultural arts. This serves as a wonderful example that can inspire others to embrace the transformative power of art which enriches our lives, revitalizes our community, and helps beautify our neighborhood.”

Arts Council Chair, Patricia Mitrano also said, “Dan Fenelon is quite an established Artist and widely known, Especially in the Valley Arts District of West Orange, NJ. That is why I recommended Dan for this project. He has proven himself to be an accomplished national mural artist and widely known in our area, as well as in Essex County, NJ. Many know his name from his local mural art installations in the “The Oranges”, Montclair, South Orange, and on the North-facing exterior wall of the West Orange Arts Center in the Valley Arts District. This mural was installed back in 2011 and the colors are still just as vibrant as they were over 13 years ago. He knows his paint archival processes, paint chemistry, material sciences, and installation methods. In addition, the value of his signed art pieces and installations have been increasing in dollar value over time.”

The outdoor amenities at The Mural are equally impressive, featuring a private courtyard plaza complete with grilling stations and lounge areas. This inviting space provides residents with the perfect environment to socialize with neighbors and enjoy the outdoors in the privacy of their community. Additionally, residents can take advantage of the fitness center, bicycle storage, and garage parking, making life at The Mural both comfortable and convenient.

“When we identified this site to develop The Mural apartments, we wanted to ensure the history of the Orange Valley Arts District was woven throughout the project, paying tribute to its vibrant past,” said Lou Reynolds, founder and CEO of Reynolds Asset Management. “We’re grateful for the collaboration with Dan Fenelon and the West Orange Arts Council, and we’re proud to welcome residents to a space that blends modern elements with the artistic values of this region.”

The West Orange Arts Council remains committed to its mission of fostering artistic excellence and community engagement. By providing a platform for local artists to share their talents and perspectives, the council continues to nurture a vibrant arts scene that enriches the lives of residents and visitors alike. For more information regarding the West Orange Arts Center, please Email us.

Founded in 2003, Reynolds Asset Management is a passionate team of investors dedicated to providing superior management of commercial real estate projects nationwide. Based in Paramus, New Jersey, Reynolds’ investment and development portfolio includes multifamily, mixed-use, office and industrial projects in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, bringing positive change to the communities it touches. For more information on current projects, visit

The Mural is a brand-new boutique style luxury apartment community located in the Valley Arts District of Orange, New Jersey. Featuring modern finishes, open floor plans, and stunning mural artwork by Dan Fenelon, The Mural offers residents an unparalleled living experience. With a prime location just steps from the train station and a host of upscale amenities including a private courtyard plaza, fitness center, and garage parking, The Mural is redefining luxury living in Orange.

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