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Artist claudia bueno piece called Pulse at Meow Wolf exhibit

The Meow Wolf Exhibition at Omega Mart’s Facility is an Interactive & Immersive Visual, Art & Multisensory experience in Vegas

Wow… Before I get started trying to describe this place, let me first preface by saying something here that may begin to set the stage as a premise for what’s to come. This is also a disclaimer that states you may not complain or criticize this write-up if it does not meet your expectations or if it doesn’t serve you well. I say this because, as a visual communicator, when communicating something that is in the visual realm, its usually best to do it with visuals; not describing it with words. In other words, the truest way to really understand this place or get the full thrill of it is to go there; to experience it yourself. Going to Las Vegas for this rare opportunity to experience Meow Wolf Omega Mart’s interactive and immersive art experience. For a totally safe, creative, unrivaled Vegas activity, this cornucopia of sensory stimuli will not disappoint.

meow wolf exhibition in Vegas


So, here it goes…

Wow… this place will blow your mind and senses. So, there is no need for any kind of hallucinogenic substances. Besides, the facility does not allow it for safety reasons. There are spaces and areas that one may venture to climb or crawl through to get to the other side. So, being conscious and alert is important for full enjoyment and for safety. We found the experience to be quite stimulating with the senses and astonishingly creative. Omega Mart may truly elevate visitors to become more open-minded, inspired, inventive, innovative, and imaginative. Studies show that being exposed to this kind of stuff may help neuroplasticity in the human brain, to be more creative, and to think outside of the box.

Ten minutes off the strip, Omega Mart populates a good portion of the warehouse turned artsy tourist destination, Area 15, which it’s website touts as the multiverse “What’s Next District” to revel and indulge.

You can spend a good amount of time in Omega Mart, relishing the goofy products, Wacky Packages style, with creative, hysterical names and peculiar uses. Some are simply for display purposes and many are for purchase. The pseudo-escape room experience or play-supermarket entirely changes once you find one of its secret portals that may take you into a parallel alternate universe. The main galleries are entered through quirky pathways and thresholds which use of light sources that spill varying intensities of light and dark, often with veils of smoky fog in some places.

The first portal we discovered was through the soda cooler which led to a new dimension. Some may call these mind tricks. Natural phenomena, perception, visual imagery, science, and physics are all entwined for an extraordinary delivery of experiential moments in time & 3D space. In fact, Theoretical Physicist, Albert Einstein, recognized this through his theory of general relativity that time and space can be bent, and consequently, warp our reality.

A room with mesmerizing, soothing, calming background sounds of instrumental music and pulsating, almost-alive organic images we later learned was the installation referred to as “Pulse” created by artist Claudia Bueno and her team. Just beyond was a geometrical music lounge providing chairs that paired well with the space and provided a welcome rest to the senses. At times, I felt I was enjoying a meditative moment and I found myself posing to the spiritual forces, along with others, with my arms outstretched into the air and seemingly reaching for the sky.

Seven Monolith Village is a featured space that you can’t help spending a nice chunk of time in. The Meow Wolf website says there were six creative leads and 33 creative contributors who worked on this installation alone. The entire project involved 724 creatives in the production of the installation. Meow Wolf has even made the effort to link each one of their names to their other projects so you may continue to learn about the artists beyond the time spent at the sites’ location.

There is no right or wrong way to experience Omega Mart, but if you do need a goal, the Boop cards allow you to follow along the storyline of Dramcorp, the founders of Omega Mart. For problem-solver types, there are clues scattered throughout the venue. My own commitment to solving the mystery gave way to just enjoying the environment.

This interactive experience is multilevel and multidimensional with secret stairways and child-sized tunnels while also paying attention to accessible elevator access and eccentric stairwells. Once in, on-stage is never broken, done so well that visitors hesitantly questioned whether restrooms were really restrooms, or another dimensional experience.

When encountering employees dressed in Omega Mart uniforms, were they really employees or just Las Vegas locals/visitors in cosplay. Observing the reactions of others is a riot, as well. Here you are drawn in, energized in each changing environment, to embrace exploration, let go and dream of being in your own special happy place, wherever that may personally be.

At the exit, it was nice to see a tribute to the Las Vegas community and the artist partners who embraced and welcomed Meow Wolf and welcomed them to town. To experience this surreal alternate reality in Las Vegas, itself the ultimate of extremes, excess & excitement, is a highly entertaining fit for visitors of all ages, and interests.

Take a trip to Vegas and go to this place. You’ll enjoy it! – Visit the Meow Wolf’s website here.


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