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Group photo of members of the West Orange Arts Council (WOAC) at the "Paris/Auschwitz: Remembering the Children" art exhibition.

Eleanor Winters “Paris/Auschwitz: Remembering the Children” at Newark’s Jewish Museum of NJ

Join us and Experience the Emotionally Evocative Exhibit of Calligraphicallyinfused Paintings Today!

Closing reception is planned for Sunday June 30th from 2-5pm.

Rare is the chance to experience a piece of history through the calligraphic interpretation of internationally renowned artist Eleanor Winters right here in Newark, NJ. A few years after the “A la Mémoire” plaques began to appear around Paris, to remember the young children who were deported and murdered in the WWII Nazi death camps during the Holocaust, Winters became inspired and deeply moved when seeing them.

As an accomplished freelance artist, author and teacher of thousands of students, Eleanor Winters has taken the shocking words inscribed on these plaques and reinterpreted them in a way that resonates, appeals and definitely cannot go unnoticed. In a quiet gallery space, housed in the backdrop of a historic building, the Ahavas Sholom Synagogue in Newark where the Jewish Museum of New Jersey is located, the viewer’s attention can be focused on this devastating chapter of history that many people today may not have known about.

This exhibit includes 40 representative paintings and is part of a much larger body of work and an ongoing project for Winters for over fifteen years. A successful freelance artist, her calligraphic work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe, with projects commissioned by clients that range from museums to corporations. Winters has authored six calligraphy books and was a Professor of Art at Long Island University and served on the faculty of the New York Society of Scribes Calligraphy School. She has taught the graceful art of calligraphy to thousands of students, both privately and as Director of the Calligraphy Workshop in New York for over 25 years.

"Paris/Auschwitz: Remembering the Children" photo array of art exhibition.


Several West Orange Arts Council members took advantage of this exceptional opportunity to see this calligraphy exhibition and attended a calligraphic workshop presented by Eleanor Winters on June 9th. Winters demonstrated the exquisite historical Gothic calligraphy style and shared her inspiration and techniques she utilized when creating several of the works on exhibition. Attendees followed along using specialized guide-sheets, and Eleanor presented each with an individualized memento she hand-calligraphed of each attendee’s name.

“I jumped at the chance to attend this calligraphy workshop as a lifelong Eleanor Winters fan and admirer of her art. I am honored to know her and appreciate what she is doing with her art form in the service of memory,” states West Orange Arts Council chair, Patricia Mitrano. “Eleanor expertly and artfully merges the art of calligraphy, color, texture, rhythm and design with the poignant message, that we must never forget these children and this history.” 

Paris/Auschwitz: Remembering the Children

Eleanor Winters paintings, based on the plaques installed throughout Paris is to remember more than 6000 Parisian children deported between 1942 and 1944, is on display from May 1st – June 30th, 2024. A calligraphic workshop with Eleanor Winters was held on June 9th. A closing reception is planned for Sunday June 30th from 2-5pm.

NJPAC – This workshop and the closing event on the 30th are part of ongoing partner programming with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s community engagement department.

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